After a fun Superbowl game there was the show Undercover Boss.  I did not have too high of hopes for it and really was playing around on the laptop and was not really watching it at first.  I started watching and really liked it.  Tonight’s show had the COO and President of Waste Management going undercover.  The back story was what caught me, he has a special needs daughter and and you could see the love for her that he had.  He visited various parts of the business in different place and got a good view of the people that work for him and what they do.  He did the jobs and actually got fired because he was so bad at one of them.  It is a good show that shows the need for leaders to realize what and how their decisions affect those that work for them.

He is the take away – I think the idea behind this is great.  I know of many Pastors who have no idea how the decisions they make affect the people who volunteer and work for them.  I would like to see the pastor work with the children when the speaker goes over by 25 minutes.  I would like to see the pastor work with the youth and see how hard it is.  I would like to see the pastor in the nursery.  I think we pastors sometimes forget that these things are hard on those who for the most part are not getting paid but do it out of love.  We have maybe even do those jobs in the past but we have forgotten what it is like and have memories that only remember the easy days.

What are your thoughts – do we pastors need to go and work in the various areas of the church?  Do you think we sometimes forget about those who serve?

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3 thoughts on “Undercover

  1. I have, at times, taught a class or went to spend some time in the youth department when not preaching. I was a youth pastor and still can remember what it was like to have to deal with a pastor who went too long. I think it is a great idea for us to spend some time in “the other world.”

  2. Great post. For nearly the past two years I served as a children’s pastor. We had our own worship service during the adult service. I cannot tell you how difficult it was if the service went long. I am not complaining by no means because we had a fun time with the kids. But I do think that it is necessary for the pastor to understand how their church works and operates…leading the children, as well as teens in the past has been a great tool for educating me the importance of this.

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