Give Us Men!

I came across this poem while working on the  Father’s Day message – I thought I would share it so others who would like to use it Father’s Day would have it.

Give us Men!  – Josiah Gilbert Holland

Give us Men!
Men-from every rank,
Fresh and free and frank;
Men of thought and reading,
Men of light and leading,
Men of loyal breeding,
The nation’s welfare speeding;
Men of faith and not of fiction,
Men of lofty aim in action;
Give us Men-I say again,
Give us Men!

Give us Men!
Strong and stalwart ones;
Men whom highest hope inspires,
Men whom purest honor fires,
Men who trample self beneath them,
Men who make their country wreath them
As her noble sons,
Worthy of their sires;
Men who never shame their mothers,
Men who never fail their brothers,
True, however false are others:
Give us Men-I say again,
Give us Men!

Give us Men!
Men who, when the tempest gathers,
Grasp the standard of their fathers
In the thickest fight;
Men who strike for home and altar,
(Let the coward cringe and falter),
God defend the right!
True as truth the lorn and lonely,
Tender, as the brave are only,
Men who tread where saints have trod,
Men for Country, Home- and God:
Give us Men! I say again- again-
Give us Men!

Let me say I love this poem!  I aspire to be the man in the poem and I pray my son is this man.  I think the church of Jesus Christ would do well to have the men in their churches be this man.

What do you think of the poem?  Do you think we need men like this in the churches?

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7 thoughts on “Give Us Men!

  1. Absolutely! We need Men just like that. Men who are not conformed to this world’s version of manhood.

    Great poem Jim. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am seeking to be this man and encourage each and every man to seek the same. To seek what it means for us as individuals. To seek what it means to our Father.

  3. Jim,

    I have definitely bookmarked this post for future visits. I’m not really a “poem guy”, but when a poem makes sense, it makes sense.

    This poem makes a lotta sense to me as a son of God and as a father this side of Heaven.

  4. I read this poem in my school in 1961. It never went out of my mind. Now I am 65 years old retired army officer. I have founded an organisation “CORPS OF VOLUNTEERS”. Thanks to the internet that I could get the whole poem with a click. I need this poem to motivate the people to rise and use their energies for the betterment of humanity.

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