The Choice To Not Turn Away

Yesterday we started looking at the poor choices of David and you can check that out here.  We saw how David made some poor choices and wanted the greener grass on the other side of the fence.  Today we see that begin to take shape with David seeing Bathsheba.  Let us look at verse 2 of  2nd Samuel 11: Now when evening came David arose from his bed and walked around on the roof of the king’s house, and from the roof he saw a woman bathing; and the woman was very beautiful in appearance.

We see that David is having a hard time sleeping during his late afternoon nap – he tried watching some baseball but even that did not help him so he gets up and walks on the roof of the palace. Now the Hebrew verb form of walked suggests that David paced back and forth on the roof. He couldn’t sleep and felt unsettled inside himself. I would say that this unsettled feeling was because he wasn’t where God wanted him to be which was out with his troops. He really has too much time on his hands and that is a result of his choice to stay behind.

Now let me deal with Bathsheba, some say she was immodest and some say she did nothing wrong but the writer of 2nd Samuel does not put any real blame on Bathsheba by the way it is written but does place the blame squarely on the shoulders of David, where I believe it should be. Regardless of that though there is some responsibility that does fall on her shoulders in that she should have been more careful about what she was doing on the rooftop because men are visual creatures and seeing creates lust in a men. She had to know that it was possible she could be seen so she should have taken extra measures to insure she was not.  

When it comes to the time she choose to bath, it was a normal thing. Women would bath on the rooftop in late afternoon or evening because all the men were either still out in the fields, at war, or protecting the city. The women of the day would bath then because they would catch rainwater in cisterns on the flat roofs and while the water was warm from the afternoon sun, they would bath. That is what you have happening here.

We then see that David saw this beautiful woman and the way that it is written in the Hebrew really makes it know that she was a real beautiful woman. David’s sin was not in seeing Bathsheba. It was unlikely that he expected or planned to see her. David’s sin was in choosing to keep his eyes on an alluring image after the sight came before his eyes. It was the choice that he made to not turn away that was sinful. All of us, but men especially, must learn to never let their eyes or their mind rest on alluring images except for what is theirs in marriage. Our eyes must bounce off of an alluring image that comes in sight.

Here is something else to make note of and that is that David’s many wives did not satisfy his lust. This was because you can’t satisfy the lusts of the flesh because it is a selfish rebellion against what you have not being enough. It was not that David just wanted Bathsheba; it was that he could not be satisfied with what God gave him. This same principle would be illustrated in an exaggerated way in the life of Solomon, David’s son. Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. David and Solomon show us that if one woman isn’t enough, 1000 women aren’t enough. It is not just true with this sin but all sin – when we are in sin it is just never enough.

The issue again is David’s choice, the first wrong choice was is taking on more than one wife, second wrong choice was not doing what he should have which was going to war with his troops and now his choice to not turn away and the wrong choices continue which we will see tomorrow.

How do you deal with lust in your life?  What thoughts do you have to add to what I wrote?