It is Over

On several occasions I have asked those who read this blog to pray for the housing issues I have had. 

Back in January 2008 I was given six months to find a new job and at that time we had only owned our home 11 months.  I have talked about how hard this was on my and family and me but one of the things that was particularly hard especially for my wife and I was the house – what would happen with the house?

We tried to sell the house but this was at the point when the housing market was falling apart.  Our house was underwater financially and there was no way out.  We had people come through the house – a lot of people come through the house – but no offers.  We then switched tactics.

We then had the house on the market to sell but also added it in to rent.  We had several people who were interested in renting the house and about two days before we moved we signed a year rental agreement.  We could not rent the house for what the mortgage was and so we lost our shirts so to speak renting it.  It was nice having renters but they were moving out and now we were stuck with an even worse housing market and we could not afford to rent anymore.  We then went to plan b.

Plan b was to short sell the home.  We put the house back on the market and began the process of trying to short sell the house.  We went several months with nothing then we got an offer and the offer went to bank and we were praying that it would be accepted.  Word came back that it was not accepted by the bank and we had not been paying the mortgage and so we were in need to do something different.

The new idea was to do a deed in lieu of foreclosure – giving the house back to the bank.  We were approved for the deed in lieu and on Jan. 21st of 2011 we signed and it was notarized.  In Feb. we were told that everything with it was taken care of.  In late April we found out that the negotiator we had quit and that created issued with the deed in lieu. 

Over the course of the summer we found ourselves battling each week trying to get this taken care of.  In November I was told it was in the hands of the lawyers and basically finished. In the course of  time we were not paying the Home Owners Association fees because the mortgage company told us they would pay them.  On December 23rd there was a knock on the door at 8:30pm and it was some dude in a trench coat who asked me my name.  I told him and he told me he was serving me court documents.  I was being sued by the home owners association.

I did some research and found on Jan. 5th of 2012 our house was recorded in the county courthouse and was no longer ours.  I was frustrated and sent out a tweet a week later that resulted in this post.  All along I had a nagging thought  (which I believe came from the Holy Spirit) which was that as of Jan. 21st  we did not own the home and we were paid up on our HOA fees at that time plus the mortgage company give us a cancelation of debt and was dated the 21st of Jan.  I did some research and really thought this was right so I sent an email to the attorney for the HOA a week ago Friday and on Monday I got this short response from the attorney:

It appears that you are correct.  I will dismiss the lawsuit and follow up with you in more detail by letter.

This past Thursday we got the official letter from the Attorney.  It was like a weight lifted at the moment I read the letter because it has been a long hard road with this house but it is all over – Praise God!  Thank you to all who prayed!  You have no idea how much your prayers mean to me! 

Have you ever had something that happened that was like a weight being lifted? 

Power of Social Media

Last week I mentioned still having issues with a house in this post. 

Let me share with you an experience I had last week in dealing with the house but let me give a short explanation of what is happening with the house.  We bought the house and 11 months later I was put in a position to have to either rent or sale.  We rented for a year and lost our shirts.  The we tried to short sale the house and the short sale was denied by the mortgage lender.  Once that went south I tried to do a deed in lieu which had all kinds of issues.  Due to the issues which were the fault of the mortgage lender things got dropped and so the mortgage lender was put into a position where they agreed to a few things.  They agreed to pay Home Owner Association fees which got behind because of their mistake and fix my credit which was being hurt because of their mistakes.  They agreed but when the house was finally taken care of  they did not follow through and it has me frustrated. Now that you understand this then let me share what happened this past week.

Last Monday I spent hours trying to call and get someone to help fix the issues that I am having with them.  In my hours on the phone – my call was dropped seven times.  Seven times I had to call back – let me just say that it made my blood boil but not as much as this – I was transferred eleven times and got no one who was willing to help me.  Talk about my blood blood boiling – I do not get this frustrated much but I last Monday – I was pretty frustrated!  I finally got ahold of a manger who said they would help me – they talked to me and took some information and said someone would contact me in a day.  That conversation was good but the poor customer service still had me so very frustrated.  In my frustration I sent a tweet that voiced my frustration about what happened and my frustration with the company.

The next thing I know I received at tweet from the mortgage company – they asked me to Direct Message them and someone would call me.  I tweeted back that I talked with a manger but if I did not hear something in a day or so I would Direct Message them.  They said that would be fine and so I went back to praying for God to help me not let my frustration pour into my family time. 

A couple of days go by and I hear nothing so I Direct Message the mortgage company and they message me back  saying that someone would contact me.  The next afternoon I get a call and I actually thought it was because of my conversation with the manger earlier in the week but to my surprise it was because of the tweet.  Because that tweet I sent, my case was sent to the highest possible level in the mortgage company.  I said to the guy who managed this complaint department  – this is call is a response to talking to the manager the other day  and he responded  – no sir, this is because you sent that tweet earlier this week.   The manager told me that I would be assigned a representative the next day and the next day I got a call from a guy who is my case manager.

The call from that case manager was a great experience.  The case manager who called actually talked with me and not too me like the others I had spoken with.  He is listened to my story and did not cut me off.  He asked questions and found the information that I shared to be true.  He then looked at the case notes and referenced them to me and he treated me with respect and it appears like he cares.  He is working on the case and told me he would call back this week.

Here is the thing with all this:  My phone calls meant nothing to the company but once I tweeted something – I got action.  I got to wondering, why did I not get action with the phone and  get action with the tweet?  I saw in this situation, the power of social media.  The mortgage company does not like the bad tweets because it is like bad press – so what do they do?  The hire people whose job it is to flag them and take care of the situations. 

It teaches I think such a poor lesson.  It teaches that the company does not care until it causes them bad press and then they will do what they can to fix it.

As I thought about this – I began to think about us as Christians – do we do the same thing?  Do we live anyway we want till someone says – hey aren’t you a Christian?  Should you be doing that?  Then we try to do better in front of them and not worry about those others?

Two lessons – one the power of social media and tweeting and two is that I should always be doing my best.

1 Corinthians 10:31 – Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

Do you do your best or are you cutting short sometimes with it?

How have you seen the power of social media?  Did you see another lesson in this story of my life?